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Friday, July 11, 2014

Community Supported Artivism

Hi folks,

I'm raising funds to move out to Puerto Rico where I will spend the next year or more writing liberatory literature, developing skillshares, and using and sharing my knowledge/gifts/skills and abilities as an art activist, educator, visionary organizer and medicine maker to help our communities re-discover our power.

As a person with limited ability and chronic illness and pain and with multiple marginalized identities, I've realized that I have to navigate in this world a bit differently in order to survive. I have spent the last 5+ years pouring my life into visionary organizing, writing liberatory literature, and bringing knowledge to marginalized communities through dialog and skillshares. It is my vision to sustain myself through doing this important work while supporting the larger vision of economic justice and freedom from internalized oppression for our communities.

You can help with this vision.

Be a co-visionary and contribute to a larger vision of giving readers and the community a sense of their power through stories, skillshares, and workshops.

Please contribute any amount if able and/or spread the word by re-posting. 

 Go here to be a co-visionary.

In healing, freedom, and solidarity,