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Friday, December 6, 2013

Queer. Brown. Stories.


Remember that play Genderqueer Files: La Qolectiv@ that had a dope reading this year in Austin at the historic Victory Grill with amazing community members?

Just to refresh your memories-

Genderqueer Files: La Qolectiv@ is a brown, genderqueer story of Rebellion, Resistance, Reclamation, Revolution, and espĂ­ritu/Spirit. A collective of brown, radical gender/queers find that to continue to protect and heal their community that they must discover their innate super powers tied to their indigenous spirituality and the wisdom of their ancestors.

And now you can buy Part 1 in downloadable "E-episodes" (a total of 3) for $9.99 (yep, 3 episodes in all for the Part 1) here.

I am selling these episodes to raise funds so that I can complete the Genderqueer Files: Qolectiv@ "novella".

(A novella is not as short as a short story but not as long as a novel). I will essentially be converting the play to novel format, for your viewing pleasure and I want to have it completed by February 1st.

The goal is that it will be available a few episodes at a time at indy bookstores, zine distros, college libraries and community centers, online, and hopefully...your home library! Eventually you will be able to purchase the whole sha-bang.

Here are some details:
  • There are a limited number (*51) of Part 1 available for a limited time. 
     *Sales for part 1 end 12/14. Episodes from Part 2 will be available 12/14. 
  • Email me at gqstreetpoet at gmail dot com for prices on printed versions. Shipping and handling will be added.

If you know of any bookstores, libraries, schools, gender studies departments, community centers or groups, etc who'd be interested in purchasing this work or having a workshop on it's major themes of race, gender, sexuality and spirituality please let a brown, genderqueer know!

It's difficult getting stories that are relevant to our experiences out there. Publishers are not trying to publish stories about resistance or revolution with all brown, queer characters so it's up to us to support each other in challenging the literary status quo and getting our stories heard.


You may now return to your regularly scheduled program♥

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